Newsletter : Adaptation in Action

As the weather gets weirder, the urgency of systems change is more widely apparent. This Spring we are asking, what can we do in response?

This newsletter is dedicated to discussing what we are doing to help.

We have had a lot going on lately, with BMC featuring in a BBC radio documentary discussing our first term of teaching, and Ben’s new book, The Treeline, being released and featuring on BBC Radio 4 in February.

We’ve also launched our 2022 short course programme which features a range of events all geared towards Action and Adaptation from small steps to big ideas. There are a one-day events on practical skills such as growing, composting, and coppicing; as well as online events. There are three residential camps, camping and learning on the land at our farm campus.

A New Story is a retreat exploring what action and adaptation could look like for you, your family and your community; it uses the BMC learning method of creative practice and collaborative reflection to fashion a radically hopeful new narrative in harmony with nature for yourself and others.

Last but not least, applications to join our second cohort of further education students are now open. There are two pathways to choose from on our NVQ level 2 programme at present:
Regenerative Horticulture
Coppicing and Greenwood Trades

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