Black Mountains CollegeFor future generations.

We know we must transform our societies, values and politics to transition to a sustainable way of living. 

BMC graduates will be the most highly skilled, creative, adaptive, dynamic thinkers  of their generation. They will be the beneficiaries of a curriculum that applies cutting edge pedagogies – the best of all that we know from neuroscience, psychology, technology and ecology – to unlock their talents and then apply them to the urgent problems of our time.   

Black Mountains College is designed to create a new way of thinking, amplified through collaboration and co-creation. 

Our further education courses in ‘future skills’ teach the vocational skills required for a low-carbon but high-tech world. Register your interest here for our first courses launching in September 2020.

“Habitat loss poses the greatest threat to species…Without a strong plan to create terrestrial and marine protected areas important ecological habitats will continue to be lost.” (World Wide Fund for Nature)

“By 2030, global carbon dioxide emissions must be
45% less than they were in 2010.”  (UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 2017)

“Black Mountains College (BMC) represents possibly the most exciting and important development in education in the UK because it draws together the strands of the humanities and science into an un-siloed whole enabling students and teachers to understand the interconnections of all things in such a way as to tease out insights into a future that remains ours to make. The Eden Project strongly supports BMC and believes it to be a hugely important venture asserting the intellectual ambition of Wales to be a global leader in education”

Sir Tim Smit – founder of The Eden Project

“The prospect of BMC creating a new kind of graduate and a new kind of learning experience is incredibly exciting. Wales is a small nation but still has the potential to lead the world when it comes to green issues and wellbeing, and a locally inspired, globally relevant college as an international centre of thought leadership will be a massive regenerative boost to the country’s intellectual and fiscal economy. Most importantly, though, BMC will question how we can create such a boost without harming our environment and communities. Wales needs BMC, but so does the world.”

Cerys Matthews

“With BMC Powys and Wales have the chance to showcase a new kind of educational model for the future and a new way of living and working in harmony with our fragile planet. BMC shows us that another way of being in this world is not only necessary, but possible.”

Rosie Boycott