Newsletter | The Solidarity Issue (April 2023)

A time of fertility and growth, and here in the Black Mountains, a time of unusual frost. With 2023 set to be the hottest year ever, it is a reminder that climate disruption comes in many forms: things are no longer what they once were.

Into this uncertainty we move together. This is our message this Easter. Making sense of our emerging reality means noticing what is happening and being unafraid to talk about it with others. Distress at ecological breakdown is often not only about what is happening to the natural world but about our feelings of loneliness and powerlessness to do anything about it. Solidarity is the first step to coping and also the pre-requisite for action. We’re all in this together. Recognising that helps keep climate justice at the forefront of our minds, and solidarity as the first step in adapting to the new reality.


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