Moor Park Garden, Crickhowell

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Moorpark Garden is a 0.3 of an acre Victorian walled garden. It is part of a 40 acre family owned estate and has orchards, stables and parkland surrounding the garden. The production is focused on producing high-quality, sustainable and nutrient dense food, that is distributed through local restaurants and veg boxes. They practice organically but are not certified.  

Where possible, they implement as much of a closed loop system as possible; making all compost for the no-dig beds with materials collected from the estate, growing all produce from seed to harvest and working with open pollinated and heirloom seeds, which they hope to save more of in the future for a locally adapted home saved seed supply.  

The apple and pear orchards are currently home to 50 trees, which are being added to every year. They are also in the early stages of growing mushrooms outdoors throughout the garden.  

Growing happens between the propagation glass house, outdoor beds and 2 polytunnels. 


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