"Wales needs BMC, but so does the world." Cerys Matthews

Fern Leaf

BMC is building a legacy for future generations and the planet. Join us.

BMC will transform tertiary education.

It will be a driving force, shifting education into the 21st century, making it relevant to students and relevant to the changing world, empowering students to change the world, rather than be moulded by it.

BMC will be a site of climate change breakthrough.

BMC will be a petri dish of collaboration between students, teachers and industry, working with nature.

The Black Mountains will be an inspiration.

It’s beautiful, it’s peaceful and our community is wonderful. But we’re losing our young people to the bright city lights, while the lessons we need to learn to regenerate our society are right here, in nature. Which is why BMC asks: What can a place teach you?

We need to raise money to build Black Mountains College.

Your support will help:

  • Develop our campus
  • Cover the launch costs
  • Establish a student hardship fund


  • Launching with 20 students in 2022
  • Long term target of 600 students
  • Once established: £30m per year economic benefit to the region
  • Local opportunities, National significance, Global impact, Planetary importance.
  • Our graduates will be one of Wales’ most influential exports.
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