FARMERS’ Welsh Lavender Ltd, Cefnperfedd Uchaf, Maesmynis, Builth Wells, LD2 3HU

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Lavender growers and distillers of lavender oil. Makers of creams and balms high in the hills of Wales…

The story of FARMERS’ and Wales’ first lavender farm begins in 2003 with the Oxford philosopher, Bill Newton-Smith, and international journalist Nancy Durham, wondering how their sheep farm might be put to new use under the blustery, grey skies of Wales. One fine spring evening in Wales, Nancy thought of the lavender hedge in their Oxford garden and wondered if she might be able to grow one on the farm. Never mind the hedge, by September that year an entire field of lavender had been planted. This is how the philosopher and the journalist became farmers, distillers of lavender oil and creators of lavender gifts. Bill died in April 2023.

The farm itself is a prime example of a sustainable business. They are creating work for today and future generations. They are experimental and interested in diversity. In 2003, they became the first to grow lavender in Wales on a field scale. The farm is open to all and is often used as a place of learning. They are heralded as a viable example of a successful rural enterprise and friends of Black Mountains College.

The lavender fields are tended by hand with no use of chemicals, all products are hand made in Wales using low tech equipment with a very low carbon footprint, and packaging is up cycled, recycled or recyclable with refills offered in stores. Their growing methods focus on improving the soil by adding organic matter through mulching and minimal cultivation. They compost and reuse materials wherever possible using three composting areas around the farm. Each year they allow areas of the farm to re-wild encouraging wildflowers and wildlife, including around the natural swimming pond and orchards. FARMERS’ aim to purchase any ingredients ethically, and which have a low environmental impact.

FARMERS’ has 8 employees, and works in partnership with local makers to produce a range of sustainable goods and promote their work through summer and winter markets. Their produce is sold in shops including their own on the farm and in Hay on Wye, as well as stockists around the UK and a small number internationally.


Views from FARMERS' including the outdoor pond

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