Teaching the Future: Creative writing masterclass | Part Two (Free)

Lynn Clausen

For teachers/ youth workers/ home educators. If you work with young people (ages 8 – 18) then this is for you!

Following the first of these events in July, here is a second session to further explore strategies for those of us working with young people.

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Climate change is happening, and it’s crucial that we educate and engage our youth in the debate.

Our free masterclass with creative practitioner, Lynn Clausen, is an interactive one- hour session demonstrating different creative strategies for you to use to support young people in discussion about climate change without the panic. The focus is on engaging in a positive approach encouraging strategies through the format of writing (both individual and group).

A space to share how we can talk about climate change (and the times we are living in) in a creative way to help young people feel engaged and more confident to face the challenges ahead.

Attendance to the first session is not a pre-requisite!  Come and join us and be a part of the sharing of ideas.

About Lynn: Following a 20-year teaching career as a drama specialist and English teacher, Lynn gained her MA in creative writing and started-up as a creative freelancer, in and around south Powys.  More recently, she has been developing her work online and is pleased to be able to resume some of her in-person drama groups in schools as well as plan for setting up a CIC with a focus on creative community projects, with a focus on living history and life-story writing. Lynn takes great pleasure in her role as a director with the Abergavenny Writing Festival for which she also runs a youth writing competition.

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