Water Harvesting, Reuse and Conservation Short Course

Rainwater Harvesting short course

Learn about the opportunities to harvest and recycle water for food growing and, in the household, and some basic skills to help you design and build your own systems.

Piped water is abundant and low cost in the UK so we have never had to worry too much about rainwater collection and/or water reuse, at least up to now. However, that is changing with increased water stress, water costs rising and an increasing concern with environmental impact. We may also be thinking about or are already growing more of our own food and so need to ensure we can water this during any pro-longed periods without rain.

This practical course will consider when this might be worthwhile at the small scale and domestic level, taking into account regulations, costs and convenience. We will look at the extent to which BMC hopes to incorporate such thinking into its own new campus design.

The course is intended for anyone who might wish to build their water harvesting and recycling systems or is interested in the water/wastewater cycle.


Key Information

Date – Sunday 16th April 2023 from 9am – 5pm

Location – meet at Talgarth Car Park, LD3 0PQ

Our campus is a car free site, and we encourage participants to meet at 9am at Talgarth carpark to walk up to the campus ready to start the course for 10am. This is a moderate uphill walk of 35-40 minutes. If you are unable to do so we will organise lift-shares from the Car Park.

What you need – You should wear suitable, weather-dependent PPE including gloves, and good, sturdy boots with steel toe if possible.  Please bring a water bottle and a packed lunch for a picnic at the farm.


What will I do and learn?

  • Learn why we might want to consider water harvesting and reuse
  • Learn about life cycles, costs, water budgeting, regulations and risks
  • Learn how to design, build and operate water harvesting and recycling systems
  • Gain some basic plumbing skills
  • Discover how BMC is putting this into practice




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