Moth and Butterfly ID Course

Learn to identify moths and butterflies, and join us for a walk around our regenerative farm to survey and record the species we have here. Listen to an expert talk by National Trust Ranger, Nick.

Comprising of over 2000 species in Great Britain alone, moths and butterflies play a vital role in our ecosystem and are key indicators of climate change and the health of the environment. Moths and butterfly form the order called Lepidoptera, meaning ‘scaly-winged’.

They are an important part of the UK’s wildlife, they are highly sensitive indicators of the health of the environment and play crucial roles in the food chain, as well as being pollinators. However, butterflies and moths are also one of the most threatened groups of wildlife. Many species depend on a narrow range of plants or food types for their survival, this is why they’re such useful environmental indicators, but also why we’re seeing such dramatic declines in their numbers.

Most people think that the difference between butterflies and moths is that moths are always dull in colour and that they’re all night-flyers, whereas butterflies are colourful and can be seen in the day. However, there are also day-flying moths and they can be as vibrantly coloured as butterflies, such as the emperor moth.

Key Information

Date: Saturday 24th June 2023 from 9am – 2.30pm

Location – meet at Talgarth Car Park, LD3 0PQ. Our campus is a car free site, and we encourage participants to meet at 9am at Talgarth carpark to walk up to the campus ready to start the course for 10am. This is a moderate uphill walk of 35-40 minutes. If you are unable to do so we will organise lift-shares from the Car Park.

What you need – you should wear suitable, weather-dependent PPE including good, sturdy boots for walking (it may be muddy!). Please bring a water bottle. Tea, coffee and some snacks provided but please bring any other snacks/food you may want.

What will I do and learn?

This course will provide you with the basic skills to identify British butterflies and moths correctly!

  • Gain an understanding of their ecology, observation, and monitoring techniques in a practical and enjoyable way.
  • Look at the differences between moths and butterflies, and the role they play in the ecosystem.
  • Delve into the beauty and diversity of moths and butterflies, and hopefully encounter a range of local species
  • Obtain assistance from an expert on how to correctly identify different species whilst exploring Troed yr Harn.

This course is for anyone who is interested in moths and butterflies, nature enthusiasts, countryside lovers, and is a great half-day course for both kids and adults!



  • 9am meet in Talgarth car park to walk up to site
  • 10am – 11.30am – Moth ID
  • 11.30am – 12pm – coffee and snack break
  • 12pm – 2pm – Butterfly ID
  • 2pm – 2.30pm – walk back down to Talgarth car park

How much does it cost?

This course costs £15 

Kids go free!


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