Introduction to Mushroom Cultivation Short Course

Talgarth-based mushroom grower and tincture maker, Marley Burns of SuperFungi will teach us the basics of indoor and outdoor mushroom cultivation.

You will learn the basics of mushroom cultivation: about both high and low technology approaches, the growth cycle of fungi, homemade substrates and how to optimise conditions for different mushroom types from inoculation to fruiting.

You will be given substrate bags of oyster, an indoor growing mushroom. You’ll also receive a syringe of liquid mycelium culture for the species, which will permit a lifetime supply of home-grown mushrooms!


You will:

  • Learn to understand different methods of mushroom production
  • Learn how to grow fungi from spore to mycelium, and onwards to fruit
  • Gain insight into both indoor and outdoor growing
  • Take your own mushroom grow bags away from the course alongside the knowledge to continue growing your own edible fungi for years to come.


Key Information

Date – Sunday 30th of November 2024 from 9.30am – 5pm

Location – Troed yr Harn, Talgarth. We operate a car-free campus and we will meet at Talgarth Car Park at 9:30am to walk up to the campus together. If you have mobility issues, then please contact us and we will arrange for you to be able to drive to the campus.




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