Hope Imagined: Creative Writing Course (4 weeks)

Creative writing course - the authors

Hope Imagined is a series of four one and a half-hour interactive workshops to be held weekly, on Monday evenings.  The course will be facilitated by Lynn Clausen.

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Week 1 – 2/11/20 6pm – 7.30pm

Week 2 – 9/11/20 6pm – 7.30pm

Week 3 – 16/11/20 6pm – 7.30pm

Week 4 – 23/11/20 6pm – 7.30pm

This is an opportunity open to all participants (18+) from all backgrounds, whether you write creatively at present, or not.

Participants will be able to meet and talk with (albeit digitally) current and critically acclaimed writers Ben Rawlence (Director and founder of BMC), Tom Bullough and Jay Griffiths who have been long engaged in exploring themes of life, of landscape, of our identity during these unsettling and untrammelled times.

Hope Imagined will run for four weeks with guest writers invited to open sessions.   This will be a safely held space where you can engage creatively with a range of themes and prompts, encouraging and supporting you to write freely across different written forms.

The prompts will include questions such as ‘What could an alternative future look like?’ and ‘Can we write a possible future with hope, with imagination?’.

This is a series of four workshops which will:

  • enable participants to develop a range of strategies and ‘ways in’ to start or develop their own creative writing, in a safely held, constructive and non-judgemental space
  • aim to think positively about possible, imagined futures
  • further an opportunity to explore solutions to problems – large or small
  • encourage a sense of well-being and empowerment through the process

Outcome:  To enable and encourage:

  • a sharing of work for those who are happy to do so (anonymously or otherwise)
  • a range of resources and sign-postings to continue this personal, creative journey
  • a chance to build our social connections positively and with purpose
  • the inspiration for participants to continue with their creative writing journey

(Please note – the opening 30 minutes of each session may be recorded and used in parts, for publicity purposes.  The creative writing hour will not be recorded in any way, as this is a space where those taking part need to do so in a confidential and private way).

About Lynn: Following a 20-year teaching career as a drama specialist and English teacher, Lynn gained her MA in creative writing and started-up as a creative freelancer, in and around south Powys.  More recently, she has been developing her work online and is pleased to be able to resume some of her in-person drama groups in schools as well as plan for setting up a CIC with a focus on creative community projects, with a focus on living history and life-story writing. Lynn takes great pleasure in her role as a director with the Abergavenny Writing Festival for which she also runs a youth writing competition.

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