Dry Stone Walling Course – 13th August

One day course – at Troed yr Harn Farm with Stuart Iles

This will be a hands-on, practical day course, focusing on the principles of building a dry stone wall.

In the morning session, participants will work individually, preparing and building the first few courses of a practice wall. In the afternoon, we will work as a group, building a retaining wall on the site. 

Date: Saturday 13th August (we will be repeating this course on Saturday 20th August – you are welcome to book a ticket for both sessions!)

Time: 9am – 5pm

Location: Troed yr Harn Farm. Meet at Talgarth Car Park at 9am.

Our campus is a car-free site, so we will be meeting at the car park and walking to the Farm together. If you are unable to complete the walk, we will organise car shares and provide directions to site from the car park.

What will I do and learn?

  • How to prepare and sort stone ahead of building a wall
  • Laying Foundations
  • Learn the correct way to place face stone in a wall
  • Laying stone in courses
  • The importance of filling the middle of a wall
  • Gain an introduction to using walling tools

How much does it cost?

We have 4 free tickets available for Powys residents, with thanks to the UK Community Renewal Fund. First come, first serve!

We would like our short courses to be available to all regardless of ability to pay. We, therefore, ask you to pay what you can towards this event. We have tickets available at a lower rate of £15, and at a higher rate of £75. If you will struggle to purchase a ticket, please get in touch with us at info@blackmountainscollege.uk.

Read more information and book your tickets via the Eventbrite page


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