Bat Ecology

Join us on our Bat Ecology 1-day Short Course to gain a foundation to bat biology, ecology and conservation on Saturday 1st July with Just Mammals!

Designed for those new to bats and wanting to develop a broader understanding of the species we have here in the UK, their ecology and lifestyle, the threats they face and the conservation actions being taken to protect them. 


This course is split into two sessions:

Day Session from 9.30am – 3pm

Evening Session from 9pm – 11pm

You can book for both sessions, or just one!

What will I do and learn?

Day Session: 

  • gain a general overview of bat ecology
  • learn how bats use buildings and trees
  • discover their roosting habits
  • learn about the different species in the UK, and locally common species to Wales and Talgarth
  • look at the threats to bats
  • find out ways to encourage them to roost
  • finish the session with a practical task, assessing the suitability of buildings on site to support bats, as well as inspecting crevices within trees and buildings, assessing these and (where appropriate) searching for live bats, amongst other activities.

Evening Session: 

Rejoin us later that evening at sundown (9pm) to join a walk led by an experienced ecologist with a number of bat detectors.

  • learn how to use the equipment
  • understand the ecologists’ interpretation of the bats heard in real time
  • see the bats flying for yourself!
  • hear their echolocation calls


Key Information

Date: Saturday 1st July 2023 from 9.30am – 3pm, and then rejoin us (optional) at 9pm for a practical bat detection session!

Location – meet at Talgarth Car Park, LD3 0PQ. Our campus is a car free site, and we encourage participants to meet at 9.30am at Talgarth carpark to walk up to the campus ready to start the course for 10.30am. This is a moderate uphill walk of 35-40 minutes. If you are unable to do so we will organise lift-shares from the Car Park. You will be able to drive to the evening session!

What you need – you should wear suitable, weather-dependent PPE including good, sturdy boots for walking (it may be muddy!). Please bring a water bottle. Tea and coffee provided. Please bring a packed lunch!

How much does it cost?

Day Session Price – £50, £40, or £30 (pay what you can)

Evening Session Price – £15 set price

To attend both sessions – £60, £50, or £40 (pay what you can)

We would like our short courses to be as accessible as possible cost-wise, whilst ensuring we are still able to cover material and teaching costs. We, therefore, ask you to pay what you can towards this event based on our tiered system. We have tickets priced at support rates, actual cost, and pay it forward prices.

We have 5 free spots available for those unable to contribute. Please complete our bursary form to apply for one!



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