Ciliau , Erwood, Builth wells LM2 3TZ 

  • 1 place available
  • Accommodation provided
  • Basic self-contained converted granary, with bathroom downstairs and a woodfired oven for heating and cooking with mezzanine sleeping area.  

Ciliau is a 200-acre organic farm.  Farming at Ciliau revolves around enhancing and protecting the botanical aspects of the ground. There are 4 sss’i’s across the farm, including in the main farmhouse. There is a growing suckler herd of traditional native, rare breed Hereford cattle raised on pasture and outwintered. There are no sheep. Hay cuts are taken rotationally around the farm.  

The long-term plan at Ciliau is to sell beef from the farm directly into the local area and to sell wild meadow seed.  

The farm was formerly part of a larger organic enterprise, which has now been split, with the other part now being farmed industrially. The farm is run by Roger, a new entrant farmer who previously worked as a builder with historic buildings. Roger is the owner occupier. The farm has a history of 20 years of extensive surveys on the farm, including woodland, hedges, meadows, invertebrates & birds.  


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