Why Black Mountains College is Important: A Conservationist’s Perspective. By Sir Tim Smit KBE

Black Mountains College is possibly the UK’s most exciting and important development in education. 

It draws together strands of humanities and science into an un-siloed whole, enabling students and teachers to understand the interconnections of all things.  Only then can they tease out insights into how to build a sustainable future.   

The focus on core skills and creativity is innovative and necessary.   Our future is uncertain and is determined by our actions now.  The chance to be part of building a sustainable future is a unique and attractive proposition for students.

 Here at Eden, we are also expanding our education offer and are investigating new approaches to higher and further education. There is an urgent need for new thinking in this area. As an education provider, we look forward to working with Black Mountains College in breaking new ground and to possible exchanges of students to mutual benefit.

We strongly support Black Mountains College and believe it to be a hugely important venture asserting the intellectual ambition of Wales to be a global leader in education. 

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