The sound of a village, dreaming…


Photograph by Finn Beales

BMC itself is an invitation to dream. Can we dare to imagine a different higher education experience? One taught outdoors, based around re-connecting us to nature, bringing together all that we know about how humans learn to empower students to make the world a better place? What would it mean for the National Park or for Wales as a whole to be able to point to graduates with global influence who cut their teeth and found their voice, here, in our hills?

And as we continue on our journey towards building a college for the future, we are collectively encouraging and inviting conversations about what the future means and holds for different people and how we can help you prepare for it: whether with vocational skills, a degree, or short courses opening up perspectives and challenging received wisdom..

If you’re interested in dreaming the future and joining us, then please consider making a monthly donation to BMC to help us launch our unique model of education, producing leaders trained to imagine and deliver transformation. It takes a village, after all.

Perhaps you are a student or parent contemplating further or higher education in the next few years, and would like to see an alternative kind of student experience?

Or perhaps you are an employer struggling to recruit the right kind of graduates with the flexible skills required for a post-Covid, warming world and would like to contribute to creating a pipeline of new employees?

Or maybe you run a local business in the Black Mountains and would like to see the benefits of an enhanced local, circular, economy that BMC would generate?

In the meantime, we’ll continue what we’re doing: sharing ideas, workshops and events and setting up the most radical kind of university anywhere, a true college for the future.

A monthly donation of £5, £10 or £50 would go a long way to helping underwrite our core costs as we work to raise the larger sums.

To join our growing list of founding patrons who have given £5000 or more, please get in touch:

Humanity’s current predicament is man-made, so is the solution. Join us.


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