Messages of Support

“Black Mountains College is an important, timely and exciting project; a vision, really, of what ‘education’ might need to become to help us not only survive but thrive in our uncertain future. Progressive, generous and imaginative, it will bring good of many kinds to rural Wales and beyond.”
– Robert Macfarlane, writer and Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge

“To create a university where the priority is to educate towards a greater understanding of this critical relationship between us and our planet, a relationship than can and must lead us towards the harmony we must rediscover, is inspired and life-affirming, and not just necessary but critical to our survival, and to the survival of the planet. No educational institution is more important, nor more urgently needed.”
– Sir Michael Morpurgo, writer

“The British Higher Education Sector is at a tipping point, and BMC is the future. It is exactly the kind of place our students would love to go, and the kind of place graduate schools will flock to hoover up graduates.”
– Peter Howe, Principal, Atlantic College

“We talk about the rise of the robots,” he says, “but we’re still going to need that human element. Trying to mechanise people to behave like machines is not what the labour market is looking for. It’s going to be looking for individuals who are resilient and adaptable and can offer human skills that robots can’t. They’ll want problem-solving – things we can’t programme a machine to do.”
– Olly Newton, Edge Foundation

“Black Mountain College is a visionary project with potential to transform education in the UK. It’s within the power of our institutions of learning to prepare future generations to meet the challenges of climate change, worklessness and social breakdown with confidence, imagination and cooperation. But not as those institutions stand today. Instead we must reimagine the form and content of an education. BMC offers a blueprint for this future, rooted in local community, committed to interdisciplinary learning and entirely sustainable. Over the decade that I’ve worked in education, visiting schools, universities and colleges across the world, it was exciting to see in BMC the embodiment of what our institutions of learning could and should be today.”
– Alex Beard, education researcher and author “Natural Born Learners”


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